Sunday, 1 December 2013

Fundraising Craftyness


Over the last 3 weekends I have been trying to make as many cards as possible for my friend to sell at a school fair next week! Unfortunately her sister lost the battle to Cancer a few months ago, and she died at the age of just 43 and leaving 3 girls all under the stage of 15!!!

It's a tragic loss for all her family and friends and my friend Hannah is going to run the London Marathon next year in tribute to Sarah her sister who ran it a couple of years ago. The family are trying to raise as much money as they can both in sponsorship for Hannah and to give to cancer charities.

I managed to make 200 cards, mainly Christmas ones for them to sell and I am hoping they will raise a good amount of money. They are going to have other events so I will be continuing my effects over the few months to giver to this great cause.

It's something dear to my heart after 4 years ago I lost my beloved Mum and both Aunties within the space of one year, it was a very hard time but crafting has helped to ease the pain and it's helping me to support my friend through a very rough time!!

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  1. Well done you. It will make a difference to people when they know that you care enough to make such a big effort. X