Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Lilac Cluster Heart

Hello Happy New Year to you all. 

Didn't think I would be doing this to day with a sore head from last night!!! 

Part 3 to Paperarsty's Christmas Crackers (Click Here) and I love this style but was never sure how to proceed so when Leandra showed us the basics I couldn't wait to have a go and guess what my sore head has gone the miracle of crafting eh. 

First I just scatted out some of the things I thought I could use.

Then put a rough layout together.

I didn't want to copy Leandra's project but I was struggling on the colour pallet as I need to use opaque paints. So I ended up doing just that!!

I painted my heart and added Grunge Paste through a text stencil.

Then using a mix of acrylic and strong water based glues I starting securing the embellishments. (at this point I ended up melting my flower with the glue gun duh!)

Now the scary part, painting over everything!! Choose Sky Blue for the base colour.

And then just kept building with more colours until I was happy.

Finished with a mix of Silver & Gold Treasure gold and threaded purple satin ribbon for hanging. I have taken the photo's after dark so tried a few different photos to show to the results.

I loved doing this and learnt quite a lot as well, so I am going to work and try and improve my technic. 

I hope you like it and leave a nice comment. 

Thanks Jules


  1. Wow Jules. Bet you enjoyed that. Soon got your stuff together as well. It's beeuuttiiffuulll. X

  2. wow, well done for doing this already - it looks great!

  3. That is lovely.

  4. WOW !!! Jules your heart is amazing, love it

  5. Julie this is brilliant, I love it! xx

  6. This is beautiful Julie. I love the grunge paste through the script stencil (my all time favourite) and your arrangement of embellies is lovely! Fab challenge wasn't it!

    Lesley Xx

  7. Wow, wow! I'm constantly thrilled by what some paint and TG can do to any kind of embellishments! Beautiful work!
    Alison x