Sunday, 18 January 2015

Fragile Papers - Headband

Paper Artsy have been doing a Fragile Paper fortnight over on their blog see here! 

I started to think that there always strength in numbers, so armed with very fragile music paper, magazines and tissue paper I made a start.

I have wanted to alter this plain black plastic head band for a while and the best way to make fragile paper stronger is to use a strong surface. 

So 1 torn and stuck papers over the band using golden gel.

Next I made a pile of papers, and used a piece of magazine to adhere to.

This is after sticking had been completed, I added 4 layers in total.

Next I did a wash of snowflake then a wash of toffee to make the colours less vibrant.

I also did a wash of toffee and pink over the band and added the stone effect stamp over the top.

I loved what Lucy Edmundson did with the flowers, so I choose one of Darcy's stamps and cut flowers and leaves.

I added a piece of ribbon and some stamped leaves to cover the join. then stuck the flowers and leaves together for the focal point added some stickels to the center and finished.

Thanks to my model, the ever patient Kayla x

I really loved doing this piece, something different.

Hope you like it and leave a nice comment

Jules xx


  1. oh bless her, she's as good as gold! love your headband, what a great idea.

  2. Ha ha, love your model! Not sure it quite suits her tho! This is just lovely, Darcy's flowers look great in those colours - great colour choices, Claire x

  3. That is beautiful, what a great idea. Love Darcy's flowers and your model coped really well! Xx

  4. Hahaha, love your model, will she be able to wear that out on special occasions perhaps??? Great idea!!

  5. wow, only just saw this.. LOVE IT, so very cool!